The Kida-Majig Way

We aim to buy good quality clothes, stitched to last and that wash well.
We try to have a good mix of items, in size, price and style as we know not everyone has the same taste or budget.


We wash at 30 degrees, using gentle non bio detergent and fabric softener.
Clothing is ironed before being folded and packed in its reusable and recyclable bag ready to be shipped to its new home. 

Rankings and Descriptions 
As of mid August 2020, we have decided to change the way we ‘describe’ our items.
Product information will state the brand, size and the condition ranking we give it. If we feel the ranking needs elaboration then we will also do this. We will also include any other information we think you might like to know!
To see more about Rankings, please visit the Rankings page
PLEASE NOTE - Clothing condition is obviously a very subjective area! The ranking we assign are what we feel is fair, following the guidelines included above. Sometimes we will miss things, this is human nature! If you are at all unhappy with what you receive please drop us a message and we will see what we can do to rectify the problem.
All items listed previously to mid August 2020 will not be described using the ranking system. We endeavour to go back through our listed stock to update the listing to include this ranking, however this will take some time so please bear with us!