Why Choose Preloved?

In 2018, the UN announced we have 12 years. 12 years to make some massive changes, worldwide, before the planet is damaged beyond repair. 12 years isn’t long, and although governments and other ‘official’ bodies will have to do something, this boils down to us if we want there to BE a future for our children.

All in it together.

This doesn’t mean we all have to go off grid, eat veg we’ve grown at home and never use a plane again! Everyone making small changes is what counts.

Plastic is obviously a big problem, and one that is in the press A LOT at the moment (and rightfully so).

However the fashion industry still seems to be under the radar when it comes to just how damaging it really is. 

When eighty billion pieces of clothing are consumed globally each year it’s not hard to see how the fashion industry is leaving behind a massive footprint. 

Enter preloved clothing. 

These clothes have already been ‘produced’ and sold. Some last year and some 30 years ago! It doesn’t matter when - they are still here.

On average a woman wears a piece of clothing 7 times before getting rid of it. Sadly there is no statistic for children’s clothing, but given how quickly they grow it must be a similar, or even smaller figure.

There is nothing wrong with these clothes. They just aren’t required anymore. Yet they are destined for landfill where they can take over 200 years to breakdown.

These clothes have been made to be worn, not destroyed, buried or burnt. 

On average, every new pair of jeans uses 7000 litres of water in its production. This is equivalent to what a person drinks in 5 years.

For every pair of preloved jeans, you are stopping that 7000 litres of water being used, as well as giving the jeans a new life. 

By buying preloved, not only are you helping the planet, but they are also much kinder on your purse than buying new. 


Thank you for being part of the change.