A Statement. A Promise. A Pledge.

Here at Kidamajig we have always tried to reinforce our environmental message. It’s one of our core beliefs. We believe in doing the right thing, and fighting for what we believe. We teach our children the same thing we were taught - Be the change you want to see in the world.

In the last few weeks (at the time of original writing - June 2020) a lot has happened in our world! The world has retreated indoors to try to stay safe and avoid catching a new virus, that has killed hundreds of thousands of people. Our health services and economies have been pushed to breaking points. For a minute, it felt as if the world might be working together. People just seemed a bit kinder, aside from the panic buying, people had more time with their families and to appreciate how wealthy they were even without a penny. Mother Nature seemed to be recovering from the vile illnesses we have been pumping into her.

Then, a spark was lit in America. A spark that lit a small fire, that lit beacons all over the country, that lit a million fireworks, that lit massive raging fires all over the world. That spark had a name - George Floyd.

I’m not going to talk about what happened to George Floyd or my opinions on it. I hope, in future, people will know what happened. That he will be the straw that broke the camel’s back. That his murder will be as iconic as Rosa Parks actions were for bringing about change for Black rights. It seems insane that in 2020 we still need to point out the Black Lives Matter.

As the face behind Kidamajig, I want to make a pledge. To old customers and new. That our shop, and the family behind it, are firmly anti-racist.

As a family that has always done our best to fight racism when we see or hear it, we will strive to do more. To use our privilege every way we can. To be the best ally we can.

We will never fully appreciate or understand what it is like to be black. We will never understand how or why ‘The Establishment’ has repressed, marginalised and betrayed you for so long. We will probably never fully understand or find the answers, however, we want to try.


So, here are our pledges.

We will actively educate ourselves about White Privilege.

We will use our privilege in any way we can to help the cause. Sharing articles, signing petitions, fundraising. Whatever it takes.


We will actively work to diversify our feed and followers.

This is a big one for us.

Our Instagram is mainly shots of current stock, however we do occasionally feature photos of your little ones in their preloved goodies.

I am horrified at myself for how white this currently is. Currently, this is an accurate reflection of our followers. We hope to change that in the upcoming months by reaching more black families who want to buy preloved clothing.

We have already noticed how White the whole ‘environmental influencer’ scene is. We want to find accounts to share with you - being green isn’t just for white people. Buying preloved isn’t just for white people.

This is what we ask in return:

If you think we have said or done something wrong. Call us out. We can’t change if we don’t know.


If you have recommendations of books, articles, podcasts, insta posts, (anything!) you think will give us more knowledge and understanding - please share it with us



H x

Photo credit to Leanne, a lovely lady I went to University with! 


This post is being published now, 8th June 2020. However, it may be revise and added to. I will update the dates here as and if I do.


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