Five Top Tips For Buying Second hand #secondhandseptember

So as it’s the 1st September, and the start of Oxfam’s #secondhandseptember, I thought I would share with you all my top tips when it comes to buying second hand! 


1 - Know what you want 

Jumble sales/car boots/charity shops can all be a bit overwhelming when you are new to second hand shopping. If you know you need a winter coat or a green jumper then it makes it much easier. Just head to that section and look. Nothing there? Then move on!


2 - Give it time

There isn’t as much ‘instant gratification’ with second hand as there is with new. However, the feeling of getting an absolute bargain or finding something you have been looking for forever outweighs that massively! 


3 - Don't be afraid to ask!

If you can’t see what you are looking for, it’s always worth asking. You never know what people have squirreled away (us included!!) 


4 - Try it on!

Sizes change. A 10 from the 70's isn't the same as a 10 now, and the way clothes are cut has also changed. Don't discount something because it isn't your size. Give it a try - you never know! (Also, I'm all about the oversized look!)


5 - Look for quality

We all know quality costs money. Natural fabrics are more expensive than synthetic fibres. So here is your chance to stock up and not hurt your bank balance. Keep your eyes peeled for brands you know are quality and well made. For example brands like 'St. Michael' is no longer made by M&S but you know it will be made to last and was reasonably expensive new. Other well known and well trusted brands such as Levis or Converse are always a good find second hand.


What top tips do you have for shopping second hand? 

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